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Behind The Scenes With Sarah Banks

Description: We open up behind the scenes with the petite ebony queen, Sarah Banks, taking selfies of her bodacious booty on an aquamarine suede couch. She’s asked whether she likes cats or dogs, she says she hates walking dogs, so she prefers cats and goes on to mention that her cat is a bitch. However, she continues and says that she just loves animals in general. Sarah says she’s really into anything when it comes to sex except having her hair pulled because her hair is sacred and takes really good care of it and don’t fuck with her nipples, anything else is great, especially spit, she loves getting spit in her mouth. She models a little bit for some pictures and shows off her awesome ass. They go over the consent rules and if Sarah ever feels uncomfortable to speak up and let them know she doesn’t like what’s going on or if she needs a sip of water, adjust herself and so forth. She randomly gets asked what her favorite cereal is and automatically answered Cinnamon Toast Crunch, which is my favorite cereal, you don’t know who I am viewer, but I just thought I’d let you know that the person writing this also likes Cinnamon Toast Crunch. In the next scene, they’re setting up a scene where Sarah is sucking James’ dick, she is very good. He then begins to fuck her while she holds a bottle of lube, her face shows that she truly enjoys being penetrated. James gingerly fucks her ass and she moans lightly with slight smiles on her face. In the next shot, James takes some very constructive criticism about the ending of a scene. Sarah cleans some cum off her face because it would irritate her eye and James apologizes as it is not easy to aim where his cock will spit out cum. He asks her who her favorite serial killer, she answers Ted Bundy, and what certain skills she has that would help her in a zombie apocalypse, she replies that she’d be a really good head slicer. Camerawoman asks Sarah what dirty names she likes to be called, Sarah likes to be called a bitch a lot, whore, slut, cunt, dirty bitch, she just wants to be told how filthy she is. They film the beginning of the scene where Sarah shows off her super sexy body. They talk about and fuck around about the shots they’ve taken and the nitty-gritty shit camera people gotta do. Sarah spreads her ass over the couch to get some cool and sexy shots. Sarah wonders if people see her fucking through the windows of the hotels and that she’d like to go viral getting fucked on a balcony. A piece of advice she gives is to take it up the ass more, stay in school and don’t get cum in your eye.
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  • 10:01
  • 01.12.2021
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