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Braylin's teen (18+) video
Description: Apollo Banks, spending time at his friend's house, wanders off to use the bathroom but finds himself accidentally in his friend's sibling (Braylin Bailey)'s bedroom. That's when Braylin, dressed in her cheerleader uniform and on her cellphone, bounds in. Thankfully, Apollo manages to duck out of sight just in time but is shocked when he peeks and sees Braylin taking naughty pictures of herself on her cellphone.As Braylin starts stripping down, taking more and more sensual pictures of herself, Apollo is enraptured. Things only get better and better when Braylin starts masturbating for the camera as well, completely unaware of his presence. But it's all too good to be true as he's finally caught in the act by Braylin and confronted for spying.As Apollo stammers excuses for being in the room, Braylin gradually finds him to be endearing. That's when she decides to let him JOIN IN on her fun instead of giving him the boot!
  • 6 308 views
  • 14:59
  • 18.09.2023
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