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Hold The Phone: Chatty Cathy

Description: Gizelle Blanco is having a nice, relaxing day, though she's eager for her girlfriend to get home from work. When Jayden Cole finally walks into the bedroom, she excitedly starts filling Gizelle in on the day's gossip. As Jayden animatedly gets carried away, Gizelle tries to distract her by getting flirty, which seems to do the trick... until one of Jayden's gossipy friends calls.Gizelle has to fight even more for Jayden's attention now, getting frisky with her to try and win her back over. Even so, the gossip is just too juicy for Jayden to ignore, so she stays on the phone. The bolder Gizelle becomes, the harder it is for Jayden to hide her sounds of pleasure. When her friend starts becoming suspicious of the noises, Jayden has to think fast to throw her off the trail.But Gizelle soon decides she doesn't want to share Jayden's attention anymore. When things get extra hot and steamy, it's time for Jayden to finally put the phone down.
  • 13 503 scores
  • 14:59
  • 16.05.2022
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