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Jessica Rex: Burglarized And Gaped

Description: When faced with some choices that would lead you to safety, you are more inclined to choose the decision that will make less harm to you. Everyone doesn’t like pain, after all. Well, almost everyone. Jessica Rex is a good example for this. One day, she finds a burglar in her house. She first thought of calling some cops to help her but that thief is fine as fuck to fuck. She has another idea in mind. The red head strips her shorts off. Jessica then assumes the position. Her petite body is posed with her ass pointed directly at her felon. Her hands spread open her asshole, inviting him to take her hole the way he wants everything else of value. There is little confusion. He accepts the invitation from Jessica Rex. The red head teen is about to become the anal whore she has always dreamed of in exchange for keeping all her possessions. The masked man place with her deep throat, making the young girl sloppy and a mess. Her nipples become hard and he pulls his cock out to slam into her throat. Jessica gags and slobbers all over his big dick while she is throat fucked. It is clear to him that she is completely ready to submit to him and give him anything he wants. Jessica Rex is dragged into the bedroom. The real fun now begins. Her moans of delight and pleasure ring through the house as the masked assailant manhandles her petite natural body. He tosses her onto the bed and finds his way into her tight shaved holes. The horny girl is ready to be a total whore for him. She spreads her legs to lube up his cock with her pussy juice before he shoves his dick deep into her tight asshole. Jessica Rex opens her anal cavity for the huge white cock. She wants him to take her in every way. Jessica gets exactly what she wants. She is anal fucked hard in every way imaginable. Jessica Rex cums hard with his big dick deep up her ass. There is no denying that this is a superior punishment than losing her belongings.
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  • 10:00
  • 16.05.2022
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